Simple Solutions for Small Space Gardening

Small Space Gardening pic
Small Space Gardening

Jonathan Vrban grows much of the food he cooks with in his own gardens. To make his own pesto, Jonathan Vrban grows fresh basil at home. He enjoys home improvement projects, and has created his own perfect gardening setup around his home and pool.

It can be challenging to garden without an actual garden, but botanically inclined apartment dwellers need not worry. Here are three easy ways to start a garden in your office, apartment, or other small space.

1. Go vertical. Hang plants from handrails and ceiling hooks, or buy a vertical planter. You can even use a hanging shoe organizer to grow herbs and small vegetables.

2. Buy or make windowsill boxes. These are perfect for basil and other herbs with shallow roots. If your landlord will not permit them to be attached to the building, try the kind that clamps over the windowsill.

3. Grow indoors. As long as plants have the right humidity, soil pH, and light exposure, it is possible to grow large plants and even citrus plants indoors. Recycled five-gallon buckets make great indoor-outdoor planters.