Best Practices for Managing Online Presence

With an interest in baking, Jonathan “Jon” Vrban would like to host his own online cooking show in the future. To establish a good rapport with his prospective audience ahead of time, Jonathan Vrban makes it a goal to properly manage his online brand and reputation.

Building a positive reputation is a long-term project that requires commitment. The following practices can help produce a positive online presence.

1. Producing content helps people brand themselves as authorities on the specific topic they discuss. For instance, individuals seeking careers as pastry chefs may publish self-written blog posts about baking and develop videos to match. Likewise, answering questions related to that topic on social media avenues such as Twitter help build awareness about a person’s expertise.

2. Consistent participation on social media outlets helps individuals maintain the reputation they would like to portray online. This is even more important when suppressing negative content. Being active on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites renders more positive results when a name is searched online.

3. Anything published on the internet remains on a server and can be searched, so people should always practice politeness and consideration online. Avoid conflicts and controversial topics that can elicit negative feedback.