An Introduction to Botany

Based in Hawaii, Jonathan Vrban is an avid gardener. His interest in gardening has led Jon Vrban to study various areas of botany.

Botany, in its most basic form, is the study of plant life. The plants botanists study range from tiny bacteria to sequoia trees and redwoods, some of planet earth’s largest living things, and can be found in all parts of the world. Additional plants a botanist may study include algae and fungi, lichens, and mosses, and of course a number of flowering plants.

The term botanist is equally as diverse, as plant biologists can conduct their research in any number of ways. Many botanists focus their studies on how plants interact with animals, other plants, and various environmental factors. Field botanists, meanwhile, search for new plant discoveries, while others are interested in how certain plants grow under extreme or atypical circumstances. A person considering a career in botany should know that a number of additional concentrations exist, including the study of plant structures, chemical conversion systems, and plant development as dictated by DNA.