Growing an Herb Garden

Honolulu, Hawaii-based Jonathan Vrban is a former nurse practitioner who became a doctor (family medicine) and spends time traveling, cooking, and baking. He takes inspiration for the dishes he creates from his travels, primarily enjoying Mediterranean-style cuisine. For the dishes he cooks, Jonathan Vrban enjoys growing his own herbs. Herb gardens are a simple way to grow plants and spice up any dish.

Keeping an herb garden requires attention in several areas, including soil quality, watering needs, pest problems, sun exposure, and location for growing. Whether culinary or medicinal, herbs are a delicate but easy-to-grow variety of plants that can grow in many locations, including pots, containers, buckets, the ground, or even indoors. When seeds are planted, soil quality is ensured for each type of plant, and the proper amounts of sunlight and water are provided for the plants, herbs can become quite prolific in their growth and add a flavorful touch to any home-cooked meal.