Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

A cooking and gardening enthusiast, Jonathan Vrban also enjoys many other activities. As a contributor to video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Jonathan Vrban believes in maintaining a good online presence.

Thanks to the Internet, lots of information about a person is typically available with a simple search. While this information might be general or positive in nature, it can also be negative and have a potentially damaging effect on a person’s business, career, or personal life. Therefore, it’s often recommended that people take a proactive approach to online reputation management and establish a good online presence.

For example, you might consider buying a domain name that features your full name in order to establish an official website for yourself. Likewise, you can further establish your online presence by joining social networking websites and spending some time building your profile. Facebook and LinkedIn are obvious contenders for such sites, but Pinterest and YouTube are among additional possibilities. While you don’t have to be on such sites daily, it’s best to add content and otherwise participate periodically. You can also link certain sites together and make portions of your profiles public. However, it’s important to understand your privacy settings, thereby ensuring that the only information you’re making publicly available is that which you in fact don’t mind sharing with everyone.