How to Upload a Photo to Instagram

An avid cook and baker, Dr. Jonathan Vrban has uploaded a number of cooking videos to YouTube and Vimeo. Jonathan Vrban also regularly posts pictures to Instagram. He is in the process of writing a cookbook of the many delicious home recipes that other home chefs can prepare and be proud to share with friends and family

In recent years, Instagram has established itself as one of the premier photography-sharing applications for iPhones and other mobile devices.

When uploading a picture onto Instagram, a user with an Instagram account first needs to ensure that Instagram is installed on his or her mobile device. Upon selecting the Instagram icon from the device’s app menu, it is possible to snap a picture within the app using the camera icon. Once a picture is taken, the user can edit the image as desired, add a caption, and share both with selected individuals and on different social media networks. Users navigate through these options using arrow and check buttons in the top-right corner of their device’s screen.

Alternately, users can select photos from their device’s image gallery or photo library. After the device’s photo library has been accessed, users simply need to tap the desired picture and confirm the upload to Instagram using the icons that appear in the top-right corner of the device’s screen.

Instagram cannot accept pictures from desktop computers.


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